• Phone225-658-4886
  • 9980 Main Street | Zachary LA 70791 Laborers Local Union 692


Monthly Meeting

The Monthly Union Meeting is held the 2nd Wednesday of every month at: 423 East Gloria Switch Road, Lafayette, LA 70570. Meeting starts at 5:30 PM.

All members in good standing are invited to attend and get future updates. Show your support by attending and get involved with your Local Union.

Union Dues

Your Union Dues are due on the 1ST OF THE MONTH,(unless Union Dues are paid in advance). You will go suspended if your dues are not in the office and posted to your records by: THE LAST DAY OF THE 2ND MONTH.

*Article VIII Section4, page 101 , of the Constitution Reads:The Monthly Dues are Due on the 1st day of the month and unless paid on or before the last day of the following month, the member shall be deemed suspended by the International Union without notice. (If a Union Member goes 2 months without paying Union Dues; he/she will go suspended)

  • Monthly Union Dues are $38.00 a month for 2018
  • Retired Monthly Union Dues are $8.00 a month for 2017
  • Please put your current mailing address and the last 4 of your social-security number in the Bottom Right of your money order(example:SS#9876), so your union dues can be properly applied to you.
  • Monthly Union Dues are Payable to: Local#692. 9980 Main St. Zachary, La. 70791

Executive Board Members

  • Gerald “Scotty” Odom – Business Manager/ Secretary-Treasurer
  • Ellis Quave, Jr. – President
  • Donald Dyer, Jr. – Vice-President
  • Byron Lewis – Recording Secretary
  • Rayford Welch
  • Stephen Lovett
  • Michael Cudo
  • Edward Griffin – Auditor
  • Larry Smith – Auditor
  • Derrel Doyal – Auditor
  • Calvin Amos – Sargent-At-Arms
  • Gerald “Scotty” Odom – Delegate to the Southeast Laborer’s District Council and Delegate to the Southwest Laborer’s District Council.
  • Ellis Quave, Jr. – Delegate to the Southeast Laborer’s District Council.